Your Food & Beverage Business

Love food, and you want to turn your passion into a highly profitable e-commerce business? The food and beverage e-commerce has grown over the years and will continue to grow even more, as well as become the fastest-growing online product category. It is a very lucrative business that has taken the online world by storm.

Excellent information and time management in the food and beverage market are extremely vital. Your customers need to know when your goods are available and ready for ordering, and when they will be shipped.

This is where Shopvii comes in. You don't simply need an online store. You need an e-commerce sales platform that's entirely integrated with all the source and tools your business needs to succeed and overcome competition.


Whether you want to sell your own creations or open an all organic food shop online, Shopvii will walk you through
every single step of building, starting, and operating a very successful food and beverage online store.

  • Shopvii is specifically designed to reduce costs, increase profit, and create new sales opportunities for your food and drink business.
  • Build and set up your shop in a matter of minutes, and bring your vision and brand into realization.
  • Understand the online buying behaviors of your customers, and personalize your promotions to drive sales.
  • Give your customers the best user experience with our mobile-responsive highly intuitive designs.
  • Get customer attention, distinguish yourself, and stand out from the rest with our mouthwatering templates.
  • All your store's data is 100% safe and secure with us.


The design of your website will impact how your potential clients will perceive your business and brand as a whole. Create a lasting impression with your customers and keep your leads with one of our delicious free templates. You can even order a personalized design and provide a specific budget. We can surely cook up a sweet deal for you!


Having a well-optimized site is one of the most valuable assets your e-commerce business can have. This will allow your clients to find and purchase the products they need with a simple click or tap on their smart devices. We have a free built-in mobile shopping cart features so that your customers can buy everything they need smoothly from your shop on their mobile phones, whenever and wherever they are. You don't even need to possess design skills. It's that easy!


Our goal is to help you offer your customers with a simple online experience drizzling with excitement. We also want to simplify how you manage your shop while providing you with complete control over its functioning. That's why our team is always adding more useful features such as brand manage- ment, credit card processing, and order management, to provide you with the best start on your e-commerce venture, as well as stand toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names in the e-commerce world.


The food and beverage industry is very competitive, making SEO even more crucial than ever. With the right SEO tools, your business can grow and meet its objectives. Fortunately, Shopvii comes with a fantastic set of built-in SEO management tools such as robots.txt files, sitemaps.xml, and meta information to name a few, that can help you reach more potential customers, drive traffic, grow sales, and increase your conversion rates.